Finishing touches are being made, and seams and zippers will soon be sewn into the gowns made with at least 75% Eastman Naia™ cellulosic yarn. The design students at O’More College have an incredible heart and mind for design, that is for certain. Their passion for the creative process comes through when these students talk about the feedback and encouragement they have received from their peers and teachers. We asked some of the students about the feedback they received last week as they approach the end of the design process. With these comments, students then prepare to show judges, peers, family members, and friends their final projects at the O’More Fashion Show.

Miranda Bolinger

What feedback have you received about your design?
“My peers really like [my design] and they encourage me to keep going. My teachers give me the same feedback, because my teachers are like my peers.”

Where are you in your design?
“It’s almost complete! I just have a few more steps to do to complete the design. Right now I am adding my decorations and my waist bands, then my zippers, then I am done.”

Christine Tran

What feedback have you received about your design?
“As far as the design process goes, I just kind of go with my heart.”

Where are you in your design?
“I still just have to put my dress together and add seams and finishes. Most everything is cut out, but cutting out takes me the longest because I am so OCD. I think that if you really take the time to cut out your fabric and line it up and everything, then sewing is a lot easier.”

Sydney Duncan

What feedback have you received about your design from your peers and instructors?
“Originally, I was told to tone down some of my ideas because I wasn’t going to have time to do them, like the embroidery, but when you’re told you can’t do something, sometimes it makes you want to do it a little more.”

We love that Sydney decided to go against the grain and use her gut through the design process to finalize her artistic vision. We can’t wait to see the final product that she had in mind from the beginning!

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Student sewing during the final stages of the Eastman
Naia Design Challenge

Revealing details of Sydney Duncan's gown

A gown that is near complete!