The Eastman Naia Design Challenge with O’More college may be over but we are loving the final results and thought you would love to see them too!

Ashleigh Cain’s winning design was inspired by the Chinese Dynasty, specifically the invention of paper lanterns, which influenced the dress’s silhouette and texture. Her slim fitted dress is covered in pleated detailing, which she decided on because of Naia’s ability to hold press. She actually wishes she could have put more pleats on her design and extended them to the waistline. She spent ten hours ironing each of the four pleated strips

After this experience, Cain is now considering grad school, working under a designer, or starting her own business. We look forward to see what she does in the future!

A close up of Ashleigh Cain's lantern inspired design

A shot of Cain's pleated design in motion

One of Cain's favorite parts of this challenge was trying
new hemming techniques

These dramatic pleats were made by burning,
measuring, sewing, and ironing; she even had to heat
seal the edges!

Cain envisions her design being worn to galas and on
the red carpet