Eastman Naia™ cellulosic staple fiber

Naia™ staple fiber is an inspiring addition to the expanding portfolio of sustainable materials with a low environmental impact. We’re redefining what's possible for designers and brands, allowing for new looks and textures that are sure to change the industry. With inherent softness, quick drying, and reduced pilling properties, Naia™ staple fiber is ideal for comfortable casual wear.

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There’s no need to compromise softness for sustainability. Customers can feel as good about their clothes as they do in them. With Naia™ stable fiber, you can create apparel that is supremely soft and smooth—equally as comfortable for a busy day on the go as it is for a cozy night on the couch.

The incredible softness of Naia endures wash after wash, providing a sense of ease every time it touches the skin.


Naia™ staple fiber is optimized for convenience, busy lifestyles, and low environmental impact. The natural cellulosic structure of Naia™ staple dries quickly, leaving the skin cool and comfortable. That also means laundry day can take a little less time and potentially use a lot less energy.


Fuzzballs. Bobbles. Lint. Whatever you call it, pilling on clothing can quickly lead to consumer frustration. With Naia™ staple fiber, the style and comfort you've intended are preserved. When blended with other fibers, Naia™ consistently reduces pilling on fabrics—even after extended wear and repeated washes.

It protects the sublime comfort and alluring aesthetic of the garments you produce, leading to higher overall consumer satisfaction.


Naia™ can be used alone or blended to create incredible fashion fabrics—from comfortable everyday wear to luxurious apparel. In combination with other yarns, Naia™ affords almost unlimited possibilities for textural variety. It mixes well with cotton, silk, wool, linen, nylon, polyester, viscose, or elastane—adding fine luxury when woven into a silky satin fabric and comfort when knitted with spandex into a jersey or interlock fabric.



At Eastman, we are always thinking forward and seeking new ways to innovate. Collaboration is key to developing innovative solutions and driving positive change, which is why our material experts work closely with brand owners, designers, mills, yarn spinners, and garment manufacturers to develop innovative products that bring a true sustainable value to the fashion industry.