Sustainable comfort every day, everywhere

Eastman Naia™ cellulosic fiber — The material for our favorite environment: Earth

With Naia™ staple fiber, you can redefine what's possible in casual fashion and create apparel that is supremely soft and smooth, equally as comfortable for a busy day on the go as it is for a cozy night on the couch. Best yet, it represents a sustainable choice without compromise—giving your customers apparel they can feel good in and about.

Versatile Naia™ staple fiber is perfect for T-shirts, comfy pants, jumpsuits, sweaters, and dresses. Your customers will appreciate what this innovative and sustainable material brings to fashion:

  • Inherent and irresistible softness
  • Quick drying properties
  • Reduced pilling
  • Sustainable fiber with low environmental impact

Eastman Naia™ cellulosic fiber from nature to fashion — PDF

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There’s no need to compromise softness for sustainability. Customers can feel as good about their clothes as they do in them. With Naia™ stable fiber, you can create apparel that is supremely soft and smooth—equally as comfortable for a busy day on the go as it is for a cozy night on the couch.

The incredible softness of Naia endures wash after wash, providing a sense of ease every time it touches the skin.


Naia™ staple fiber is optimized for convenience, busy lifestyles, and low environmental impact. The natural cellulosic structure of Naia™ staple dries quickly, leaving the skin cool and comfortable. That also means laundry day can take a little less time and potentially use a lot less energy.


Fuzzballs. Bobbles. Lint. Whatever you call it, pilling on clothing can quickly lead to consumer frustration. With Naia™ staple fiber, the style and comfort you've intended are preserved. When blended with other fibers, Naia™ consistently reduces pilling on fabrics—even after extended wear and repeated washes.

It protects the sublime comfort and alluring aesthetic of the garments you produce, leading to higher overall consumer satisfaction.


Naia™ staple fiber can be used to create incredible fashion fabrics that deliver natural next-to-skin comfort—from slubby cushiness to smooth-feeling, casual everyday wear. It blends fabulously with other eco-friendly materials such as lyocell, modal, and recycled polyester. In combination with other yarns, Naia™ affords almost unlimited possibilities for textural variety.


As consumers have come to love the loungewear they’re most comfortable in, they’ve also learned to love the clothes that reflect their values—particularly regarding sustainability. Naia™ staple fiber is responsibly sourced from sustainably managed pine and eucalyptus forests and plantations. It’s also produced in a safe, closed-loop process where solvents are recycled back into the system for reuse. It’s a manufacturing process with a low tree-to-fiber carbon and water footprint. Combine that with biodegradable certification and you have a sustainable material the market is clamoring for.

With more people seeking all-day comfort and style, the need for sustainable yet soft, cocooning clothing is higher than ever. Even though today’s shoppers are looking for sustainable options, they are not willing to compromise on comfort, high quality, or durability. Naia™ staple fiber offers sustainable comfort every day, everywhere.

Perfectly paired with flared pants, baggy jeans, or flowing skirts,  
a super soft striped mock-neck tank made with Naia™  
 also aligns with the modern shopper’s lifestyle and attitude.
Designed into knitted, textured, and printed fabrics,  
Naia™ staple fiber will find its way into your customers’ staple wardrobe.


The incredible softness of Naia™ staple fiber endures wash after wash,  
 providing a sense of ease every time it touches the skin.


Naia™ staple fiber is also available as Naia™ Renew staple fiber, a cellulosic fiber sourced from 60% wood pulp and 40% recycled waste plastics* such as post-consumer carpet fiber and plastic packaging materials. And the best advantage of Naia™ Renew is that waste is diverted from landfills, our carbon footprint is reduced, and natural resources are preserved, allowing you to create sustainable products with zero trade-offs on quality.

*Naia™ Renew recycled content is achieved by allocation of recycled plastics using an ISCC-certified mass balance process.


Learn more about Naia™ Renew