Today’s consumers expect comfortable, luxurious, and easy-to-care-for garments, all with desirable aesthetics and rich color. Naia allows all these expectations to be woven or knit into uncompromising fabrics to fit your unique lifestyle.


Naia™ from Eastman joins 10th annual Copenhagen Fashion Summit as supporting sponsor

KINGSPORT, Tenn., USA – April 16, 2019 – Global specialty materials provider Eastman, the maker of sustainably sourced Naia™ cellulosic yarn, announces its participation in the 10th annual Copenhagen Fashion Summit, May 15–16. Naia™ is a supporting sponsor of the world’s leading business event on sustainability in fashion, where the brand will feature and share news about custom fabrics from partner mills. Naia™ is also sponsoring the Pitch Stage, where innovators will present sustainable fashion business solutions as part of Copenhagen Fashion Summit’s Innovation Forum.

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Eastman announces post-PV partnership with C.L.A.S.S. to support ‘circular economy’

KINGSPORT, Tenn., Feb. 21, 2019 - Global specialty materials provider Eastman, the maker of sustainably-sourced Naia™ cellulosic yarn, announces a new partnership with Milan-based C.L.A.S.S. (Creativity Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergy) in the wake of Première Vision Paris (PV), the international apparel textile exposition, where Naia™ showcased over 100 new on-trend fabrics from over 20 partner mills. Naia™ joins C.L.A.S.S. to support the fashion industry’s shift toward the “circular economy,” the economic model characterized as a collective awareness of social and environmental values throughout the fashion ecosystem.

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Eastman Naia™ showcases sustainable fashion at Première Vision

KINGSPORT, Tenn., Feb. 5, 2019 - Naia™, the sustainably-sourced cellulosic yarn from Eastman, demonstrates its versatility in fashion fabrics at Première Vision Paris (PV), the international apparel textile exposition, Feb. 12 to 14.

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Eastman Naia™ brings sustainability to lingerie at Interfilière Paris

KINGSPORT, Tenn., Jan 28, 2019 - Naia™, Eastman's cellulose acetate yarn, showcased its sustainability and versatility at Interfilière Paris, the international event for lingerie, activewear materials and accessories, Jan. 19-21.

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Snow Angel presents Eastman Naia-based collection at Outdoor Retailer

KINGSPORT, Tenn., Jan. 24, 2019 - Naia™, the cellulose acetate yarn from Eastman, showcases its sustainability and versatility at Outdoor Retailer, the world's leading business-to-business outdoor sports show, Jan. 30 to Feb. 1 in Denver, Colorado.

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Eastman increases cellulosic yarn prices on Jan. 01, 2019

KINGSPORT, Tenn., Dec. 6, 2018 - Eastman Chemical Company announces average price increase of $USD 0.35/KG globally, effective 1 Jan 2019 across its cellulosic yarn portfolio.


Eastman’s Naia™ Cellulosic Yarn, a Choice for Sustainability in the Womenswear Market

2018, Sep 14 — To make Naia™, the process starts with renewable pine and eucalyptus wood, sourced exclusively from sustainably managed and certified plantations in North America, Western Europe and Brazil.

Naia™ is produced in a safe, closed-loop process where non-hazardous chemical solvents are recycled back into the system for reuse. This optimized, low-impact manufacturing process with a low cradle-to-yarn carbon and water footprint has a third party verified Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) certification compliant with ISO14044. Naia™ is also listed on the HIGG Materials Sustainability Index and has lower impact than other fibers such as generic modal, viscose, and triacetate.

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Eastman’s Naia™ Cellulosic Yarn launches into Womenswear at Première Vision

2018, Sep 14 — At the Première Vision show in France, Eastman will launch Naia™, a versatile, cellulosic yarn, into the womenswear market. A filament yarn that transforms into luxurious, soft, and easy-to-care-for fabrics, Naia™ is also a sustainable option for fabric manufacturers.

To make Naia™, the process starts with renewable pine and eucalyptus wood, sourced exclusively from sustainably managed and certified plantations in North America, Western Europe and Brazil. In April, Eastman received chain of custody certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™ (PEFC™) for its sustainable sourcing of wood-pulp.

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Naia™ from Eastman showcases innovation and collaboration at Interfilière Paris, July

2017, Jul 25 — For the second time, Eastman exhibited at the Interfilière exhibition in Paris on July 8–10, 2017, to show the fashion apparel market that Naia™ from Eastman embraces the desires and values consumers demand: luxury, comfort, ease of care, and sustainability — all together.

With inherent softness, moisture management, and sustainable origins, Eastman Naia™ cellulosic yarn offers brands the opportunity to truly innovate their next collection — as was showcased at the fair with the collaboration of trendsetter Ellen Haeser of Studio Haeser. Haeser designed giant storytelling collages and print designs in the Gardening and Nomad themes of fall/winter 2018/19 to showcase the versatility of Naia, not only in terms of different fabric qualities but also the ability to create distinctive finishes on Naia™ fabric with printing.

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Eastman Naia™ cellulosic yarn: New, exciting horizons for an enduring Eastman technology

2017, May 17 — For decades, Eastman scientists have consistently utilized innovative approaches to adapting the company’s world-class technologies to create new and better materials that enhance the quality of life in a material way.

So it’s not surprising that one of the company’s longest-standing technologies has delivered a new name in materials for the intimate apparel market. The technology is cellulose esters, and the material is Eastman Naia™ cellulosic yarn.

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