Increasingly, consumers are demanding more sustainable fiber choices. Naia™ Renew cellulosic fibers allow you to meet these sustainability demands. This is circularity at scale––where resources are not wasted, materials that would otherwise be discarded are reused, and air and water are not polluted. All this leads to creating the highest quality products without compromise. Naia™ Renew is transforming what a fabric can be . . . and do.

The best style is circular style.

Sourced from circular content––60% wood pulp and 40% recycled waste plastics––Naia™ Renew cellulosic fiber is created through a unique, patented process. This closed-loop system prioritizes the safe and environmentally sound use of chemicals, ensuring that the products you create are as sustainable as they are stylish. With Naia™ Renew, you’re providing not just good looks but good use to help preserve our world for future generations.

Naia™ Renew is the right choice.Naia Renew

Available as both a filament and a staple fiber, Naia™ Renew offers clear advantages to other fibers.

Naia™ Renew filament

  • Silky hand, rich luster, and wonderful drape
  • Cool to touch, breathable, and wrinkle resistant
  • Used to create high-end pieces

    Naia™ Renew staple fiber

    • Soft and cocooning
    • Quick drying for increased comfort
    • Long-lasting quality due to reduced pilling features
    • Used for everyday wear

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