Hanqing Ding

RISE UP 2022 showcases top three designers

Nov 10, 2022- by staff

The future of sustainable fashion in mainland China is in good hands. That much was evident as the finalists of the 2022 RISE UP Sustainable Fashion Design were presented at Yongfoo Elite in Shanghai on October 14. 

The challenge was introduced by R.I.S.E. Sustainable Fashion Lab in 2021 to discover and support new generations of Chinese designers pioneering environmentally friendly fashion. This year, three finalists presented 30 new looks of ready-to-wear fashions made with sustainable yarns and fabrics.   

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Brand collaborations driving sustainability in the textile industry

Brand collaborations driving sustainability in the textile industry

Sep 8, 2022- by staff

Brands are accelerating their efforts to offer more sustainable fashion and home textile products to meet the growing consumer need for more transparent and sustainable products. The Eastman Naia™ cellulosic staple fiber portfolio combines sustainability and superior performance for brands that are looking to differentiate their collections. Transforming versatile and comfortable fabrics for casual everyday wear and bedding products, Naia™ staple fiber offers softness, improved dry rates, and reduced pilling.

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textile genesis logo

Eastman Naia™ partners with TextileGenesis™ to provide track-and-trace solutions for brands.

Jul 11, 2022- by staff

Proven traceability helps verify a product’s sustainable story and Naia™ is all about sustainability. Using advanced digital technologies and supply chain modeling, TextileGenesis™ traces every phase of making a garment, citing farm and factory locations and every process used to get a product from point of origin to final retail destination. The partnership with TextileGenesis™ to use blockchain technology will identify and track the path Naia™ takes from its raw materials to the final garment.

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Naia loungewear

Life in loungewear—consumers focus on comfort and versatility

Mar 21, 2022- by staff

Loungewear has been a bright spot for the global fashion industry throughout the pandemic with both high street and mass brands adding loungewear to their portfolios. As the loungewear trend matures, opportunities exist for brands to better understand how to transition their loungewear offerings to meet the needs of the post-pandemic consumer. Earlier this year, Eastman conducted a study among 2,000 U.S.

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